Yolanda - Supertyphoon, Super Blessing

Yes, I'd like to call it that way.

It is more than a month since the Supertyphoon Yolanda hit our place. I realize, indeed, it brought us super disaster but at the same time, super blessing.

The first thing that came to my mind is an island near our place. After the typhoon all the houses there became new and almost uniform. All fishermen were given new fishing boats with an imported motor.

Many shanty houses improved after the typhoon. Like before, their roof were only made of nipa now it is  made of GI sheets. Many of it came flying on the street during the typhoon and so they just picked them all up and used for their houses.

Just like all the shanty houses around, our kitchen was roofless too. Unfortunately up to this date, it hasn't changed. It is presently under renovation. The blessing in here is that I got financial help from the company I work for.

I also got one of my many wishes, that is, to be a volunteer giving relief goods to typhoon victims. Boy, it was amazing. Very nice feeling. Handing those goods and making people smile. I didn't even notice that most of them didn't say thank you until some thanked me! And it felt better. Ah..it really was different.

I felt sorry for those people especially the senior citizens lining up, waited hours for us to come, and what we gave was, for me,  not really enough for them. It seemed not worth the wait. But it was better than nothing at all.  I wish I have more so I can personally give more in times like those.

To each of the families, many beautiful things happened to them too, like healing of relationship. It also showed the real character of a Filipinio, resilient, persevering, helping one another and optimistic, that despite all of these that happened, we could still smile and move on.

I think the best blessing was that people became more closer to God. Many turned to God for prayer of supplication and thanksgiving. Although, inevitably, some got angry with God. Many realization came to a lot of people. The revelation of God's saving power for their lives. His providence. To some, conversion. Many people goes to church on Sunday now.

This is what God wants us to, ----- communicate with Him. Talk to Him. Many people could not do so because of the influence of the world. I don't say He intentionally brought us this calamity, definitely not. This disaster is the price of our own doing, too. But everytime, God is always there around us. Ever ready to assist us in our needs, just waiting for our call.

During the feast of the Black Nazarene this month, the long procession was Super crowded with devotees, much crowded than last year. This time, many people from the Visayas who 
were directly affected with the supertyphoon came to join the  million crowd. They were with different reason but more for thanksgiving.

It was something that happened inside everyone that is the best thing that this calamity as brought us. It may not be so nice but as one famous writer said, "Your biggest problem is your biggest blessing."  ...

 .... yes indeed, and SUPER BLESSING!



A friend messaged me on Facebook this afternoon. He greeted me a Happy New Year and asked "is there something new with you?" 

"Oh yes, many!"  I replied. "My credit card. It has a new balance, greater than last year. Hahaha!" 

"Hahaha! Oh yes! Me too!" He replied.

This conversation made me think of what really are new to me this year. 

 Many means more than one, right?  I only thought of four.

The next is our kitchen. Yes it is new! Unlike last year it has a roof, now it is roofless. After Super Typhoon Yolanda hit our place it is still roofless. The fund, but not all, is available but the materials are still in process and the carpenters are rare.

My Google Adsense earning. It increased by $5. After three years it still has a 2 digit balance.

The last is my new life. It means a new hope. A new chance. A chance to enjoy God's blessings. A chance to suffer with him and make amends for my our sins. A hope and a chance to go to heaven.

This year I am going to do something to improve them.



I sent a male friend a new years greeting last year with a subject "HNY". He noticed it. He taught it was a shortcut for "Honey". Funny. Actually it is,





Startling title, isn't it? Yes, I was also startled when I first saw this small book many many  years ago and I started to be inspired with it and have become one of the many prayer warriors of the souls in purgatory. Even become fervent when many of my family became one of them, too.

This book written by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan tells many true stories about the Poor Souls in Purgatory. He relates incidents from the lives of the Saints to show their great sufferings, our obligation to help them, as well as the many helps and graces which they obtain for their benefactors in return.

This little book, READ ME OR RUE IT,  needs to be spread far and wide. It will lead to a powerful link between ourselves and the "Church Suffering," our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer the torments of Purgatory – a powerful bond of holy charity whereby we shall please God, send souls to Heaven, and obtain for ourselves and our families a host of priceless graces and blessings. 

Several prayers for the Poor Souls are given at the end of the booklet including a Novena for the Poor Souls in Purgatory for each day of the week and the Litany for the Poor Souls.

When I started to pray the novena for the souls in purgatory, I feel happy that I have helped a lot of souls already. In my dreams, I would see some of them smiling. I can feel they are thanking me. I don't know many of them. There are also souls that come to me in my dreams asking for prayers. There were times when I became a witness to a crime and when I woke up, I pray for the person killed. It has become my habit to pray for someone I see in my dreams. I just knew in my heart they are souls asking for prayers.

My job required me to transfer to another town, and this made me live on my own. Sleeping in a room alone.  I am really afraid of ghost. My father died when I was still a child and  I remember I told him not to show himself to me as a ghost, only in my dreams. 

I still continue to pray my novena for the souls then. But I started to hear their messages not only in my dreams any more. I would wake up at the middle of the night and really feel their presence. It really scared me. A ghost in my room! Good thing I didn't see them. I prayed for them immediately, whoever they are and the scary feeling would go away.

Then one night I got tired of feeling scared of sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night from a scary dream. I was trembling. I still managed to pray for the soul. But I was really furious. I feel that they are around and I said angrily. "I know that you ask for prayers, but you know I am afraid of ghost! I don't like being scared always! Can you stop doing this to me! Ask me to pray for you but don't scare me!" I stopped praying my novena. But I didn't miss my daily prayer for them, especially in my rosary.

It worked! Since then, I haven't dreamed of scary scenes. I even started to pray the novena again. Honestly I missed it, too. My dreams are more on simple or happy dreams about them.

I remember one dream I had a few years ago. I was in a small road. With me were lots of white robed men standing. They didn't notice me. They all seemed to be heeding the highway a few footsteps away. While I was walking between them, suddenly a man turned his head and smiled at me. I was surprised. After I smiled back, I woke up. It was still midnight and I wasn't scared.

The souls in purgatory could no longer pray for themselves. This is why they need us to pray for them. But they could pray for us.  Imagine if they become saints, we have saints already praying for us even if we don't ask them to.

Aside from asking them to pray for me, I also ask their help in simple things like finding something, and especially for accompanying me when I go home alone at night. Some wonders that they do that is found in the book, Read me or Rue It, I experienced them happening to me, too.

So let us not forget to include them in our prayers. Remember the Golden Rule - "Do unto others what you would like others do unto you."


You can download the book for free here.


I want You

 "Lord, I came here to make a sacrifice and to fast. But it seems like I am not doing all these. I ate a lot, I was hungry. But I need to eat to last 'till morning. I must not sleep, but it's alright to sleep. I want to kneel longer, but it's alright to sit. I thought...."  I don't know if it was a complaint or a question. But suddenly I hear God say;

"Bea, I don't need your sacrifice tonight. I want you!" 

I felt my tears falling down my cheeks. Oh! how sweet really Jesus is.

This made me remember Simon who were made to carry the cross of Jesus on His way to calvary. The cross wasn't as heavy as Simon thought it to be. It was like Jesus, still, carried the cross for him. I also remember the many times when I would offer my pains to Him, the pain would become bearable and some even vanish.

Honestly, to be with God was my primary reason in attending the vigil and it was so good to know God felt the same.  I missed being with God in silent. Just being with Him without praying! Well, of course, I know, just by being is already a prayer. What I mean is being with him like I used to. Just like many months or years ago. My life has been different for me now and I miss "those days and moments" with God.

I realize that those times were always there, its just in a different degree. Oh, I just can't put into words how I understood it now. But that's how it is.

We hear this phrase "Jesus is the same, today and tomorrow." And yes indeed!

I guess all I lack is time. Enough time to frequent God's presence.

What a better place to be than in a prayer vigil.

Feeling God's presence in everyone. Being with God as I am, with all my flaws, understanding each others behavior at the moment.

I was at the vigil of the Alliance of Two Hearts Movement. The two hearts refers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.The vigil culminates in the First Friday and ends in the First Saturday of the month. It is an all-night reparation vigil offered in atonement for the sins of mankind grievously offending the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

 The Alliance of Two Hearts - Communion of Reparation is the Catholic world's response to the urgent request to make "reparations" to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, particularly in today's society where the "culture of death," destruction of the family and the outrages and sacrileges committed against the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother are rampant. 
God really pampers us. Imagine, He would send Mama Mary to us to teach us what to pray to Him to appease Him.

Because of His great love for us, He even sent His son. Only because He want all of us to be saved.

In this lenten season, may we all be able to take time to reflect on this great love and in our little way, be able to give this love back to God.

Let us help God in His mission to save all to heaven.

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