Prayer Against the Sins of the Flesh

(This is one of the Mystical Prayers of our Lord Jesus Christ, revealed by Our Lord as His petitions to His Heavenly Father during His Passion, that were dictated to Barnabas Nwoye for us to pray daily.) 

      Prayer Against the Sins of the Flesh
                          (28 July 1998)

("Do you know that I was naked in the sight of all men so that you shall defeat and kill the desires of the flesh which lead to this sin of fornication and adultery? Children, my adversary used this sin to claim all men to himself --- Any sinner who constantly prays this prayer will gain true repentance --- The more you pray it the more many will return to me and leave fornication and adultery. Many people will be lost due to the sins of the flesh. Work hard to save souls ---")

Holy and Merciful Father, Your only-begotten Son is standing naked in the sight of all men, so that Your people will know and fear Your Holy Law. Accept my humble prayer for all Your people who are living under iniquity, fornication and adultery, that through all the shame and disgrace of Your only-begotten Son, You will touch their lives for repentance and save them. May they, through the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, which I plead to fall on their hearts, gain repentance and be saved and through His shame make them bold for repentance. Amen.




Yolanda - Supertyphoon, Super Blessing

Yes, I'd like to call it that way.

It is more than a month since the Supertyphoon Yolanda hit our place. I realize, indeed, it brought us super disaster but at the same time, super blessing.

The first thing that came to my mind is an island near our place. After the typhoon all the houses there became new and almost uniform. All fishermen were given new fishing boats with an imported motor.

Many shanty houses improved after the typhoon. Like before, their roof were only made of nipa now it is  made of GI sheets. Many of it came flying on the street during the typhoon and so they just picked them all up and used for their houses.

Just like all the shanty houses around, our kitchen was roofless too. Unfortunately up to this date, it hasn't changed. It is presently under renovation. The blessing in here is that I got financial help from the company I work for.

I also got one of my many wishes, that is, to be a volunteer giving relief goods to typhoon victims. Boy, it was amazing. Very nice feeling. Handing those goods and making people smile. I didn't even notice that most of them didn't say thank you until some thanked me! And it felt better. Ah..it really was different.

I felt sorry for those people especially the senior citizens lining up, waited hours for us to come, and what we gave was, for me,  not really enough for them. It seemed not worth the wait. But it was better than nothing at all.  I wish I have more so I can personally give more in times like those.

To each of the families, many beautiful things happened to them too, like healing of relationship. It also showed the real character of a Filipinio, resilient, persevering, helping one another and optimistic, that despite all of these that happened, we could still smile and move on.

I think the best blessing was that people became more closer to God. Many turned to God for prayer of supplication and thanksgiving. Although, inevitably, some got angry with God. Many realization came to a lot of people. The revelation of God's saving power for their lives. His providence. To some, conversion. Many people goes to church on Sunday now.

This is what God wants us to, ----- communicate with Him. Talk to Him. Many people could not do so because of the influence of the world. I don't say He intentionally brought us this calamity, definitely not. This disaster is the price of our own doing, too. But everytime, God is always there around us. Ever ready to assist us in our needs, just waiting for our call.

During the feast of the Black Nazarene this month, the long procession was Super crowded with devotees, much crowded than last year. This time, many people from the Visayas who 
were directly affected with the supertyphoon came to join the  million crowd. They were with different reason but more for thanksgiving.

It was something that happened inside everyone that is the best thing that this calamity as brought us. It may not be so nice but as one famous writer said, "Your biggest problem is your biggest blessing."  ...

 .... yes indeed, and SUPER BLESSING!



A friend messaged me on Facebook this afternoon. He greeted me a Happy New Year and asked "is there something new with you?" 

"Oh yes, many!"  I replied. "My credit card. It has a new balance, greater than last year. Hahaha!" 

"Hahaha! Oh yes! Me too!" He replied.

This conversation made me think of what really are new to me this year. 

 Many means more than one, right?  I only thought of four.

The next is our kitchen. Yes it is new! Unlike last year it has a roof, now it is roofless. After Super Typhoon Yolanda hit our place it is still roofless. The fund, but not all, is available but the materials are still in process and the carpenters are rare.

My Google Adsense earning. It increased by $5. After three years it still has a 2 digit balance.

The last is my new life. It means a new hope. A new chance. A chance to enjoy God's blessings. A chance to suffer with him and make amends for my our sins. A hope and a chance to go to heaven.

This year I am going to do something to improve them.



I sent a male friend a new years greeting last year with a subject "HNY". He noticed it. He taught it was a shortcut for "Honey". Funny. Actually it is,


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